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Leading Banking into The Future: 'Chrisisms' with ICBA'S Chris Lorence

Guest Speaker

Chris Lorence

ICBA’s Executive Vice President


If we had a crystal ball that saw into the future of banking, we could see upcoming lending trends, customer insights, digital direction, and so much more. While we don’t have a fortune teller of that magnitude, we do have industry experts that can help forecast the direction of the industry. Their forward-looking guidance will help you steer your bank to the future.

Join Ben Pankonin and ICBA’s Group Executive Vice President, Chris Lorence, for a webinar on July 17th on the future of banking leadership trends. They will discuss how to plot a path that aligns your brand with the direction of the industry— including some insightful #Chrisisms. This webinar is intended to help community banks develop their leadership outlook, allowing them to advance their brand regardless of where the future takes them.

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Tuesday, July 17
10:30 am CST

This webinar is hosted free for community banks by Social Assurance and ICBA.