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At Social Assurance, we have a remarkable team that believes in having fun, living your best life, working hard, and pouring your heart into your passions. Our entire team and organizational motivation are built on core values of humility and drive.

Career Opportunities

Marketing and Sales Specialist

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Social Assurance is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider focused on helping brands be the heroes of their community. Class Intercom (CI) is a subsidiary SaaS brand of Social Assurance targeting the educational industry ( CI’s goal is to provide schools with both the tools and support services to allow for secure and engaging social media community communications and connections.

The CI Sales and Marketing Strategist will be in responsible for supporting the growth of the CI brand through a blend of sales and marketing efforts. The responsibilities of the Sales and Marketing Strategist will be to assist in the development and execution of marketing and sales initiatives through content driven activities and strategic connections to build the sales pipeline and brand recognition.

The CI Sales and Marketing Strategist shares the following core values of the Social Assurance brand:

  • Drive: This individual will be driven to share the CI message and strive to collaboratively build brand recognition as a thought leader in education communication best practices.
  • Responsibility: This individual will pride their responsibility and integrity of best practice solutions to service both districts and individual schools both within and outside of the CI customer base.

CI Sales and Marketing Strategist Responsibilities

This individual is responsible for supporting the growth of CI through supporting sales and marketing initiatives. The Sales and Marketing Strategist responsibilities include:

  • Contributing to the direct growth of Class Intercom through sales and marketing initiatives.
  • Manage marketing lists for targeted educational personas.
  • Manage and execute email lead generation sequence campaigns .
  • Qualify potential sales leads and coordinate product demos.
  • Manage CRM contact database of prospect and customer data.
  • Support the CI President in closing opportunities and initiating onboarding activities.
  • Support marketing efforts to include, but are not limited to email campaigns, blogs, webinars and newsletters.
  • Assist in the planning and execution of special CI marketing initiatives.
  • Contribute to and own the CI content calendar.
  • Own social media presence and content creation for the CI brand.
  • Collaboratively contribute to the sales, marketing and overall success of CI with the openness to wear many hats and learn new skills.

Key Qualities

  • A people person that can talk to anyone an make friends with strangers.
  • You enjoy helping people and feel pride in assisting them in finding solutions.
  • Highly organized with the ability to manage multiple projects for multiple departments.
  • You are an excellent communicator (both written and verbal).
  • Loose ends drive you crazy! You are driven to ensure all projects are on track and completed.

Background and Qualifications

  • 2-3 years customer support experience
  • 1-2 years experience in generating digital marketing content (emails, social, blogs, etc.)
  • Social media skills (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, ect.)
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications or related field of study

Client Relationship and Growth Specialist

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The Client Relationship and Growth Specialist is responsible for supporting Remarkable growth of Social Assurance and financial brands through developing prospect and client relationships in the advancement of their brand culture through marketing and community development initiatives. This individual is responsible for identifying and nurturing new relationships and opportunities as well as maintaining and expanding upon relationships with existing customers.

The Client Relationship and Growth Specialist exhibits the following core values of the Social Assurance brand:

  • Drive: The motivation to support clients and grow the Social Assurance brand fuels this individual. They are driven to nurture active and inactive prospects as well as existing clients to help support their brand knowledge and growth through Social Assurance resources and solutions helping them to become Remarkable community leaders.
  • Responsibility: This individual feels a responsibility to the clients to help guide them in making best practice decisions to make their financial brand Remarkable. They care about the brand’s success before and after the close of the opportunity.


Client Acquisition Responsibilities

This individual is responsible for helping to grow the Social Assurance client base and reach through prospecting and relationship building. Client acquisition responsibilities include:

  • Develop and maintain relationships with prospects, clients, industry partners and associations sharing Social Assurance value propositions.
  • Actively target and connect with prospects and customers to follow up on existing and potential lead opportunities. Follow up to include written, verbal and in-person communications.
  • Conduct discovery conversations, product demonstrations and service solution reviews with prospects and customers.
  • Work with the marketing services team to develop and present service solution project scopes.
  • Strategically work with the Social Assurance sales and marketing teams to help build and execute upon lead generation tactics.
  • Work with both prospects and existing customers to actively listen for and observe opportunities to support them through additional Social Assurance products and service solutions.
  • Manage and own prospecting activities, records, data and pipeline within the Social Assurance process management tools.


Client Relationship and Growth Responsibilities

This individual is responsible for maintaining client relationships once they have been onboarded to the Social Assurance platform software and/or services suite. They will manage the customer relationship and qualify potential opportunities with the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain relationships with clients to ensure their expectations are being met and to provide guidance in additional growth opportunities supported by Social Assurance.
  • Connect with clients to share available educational resources and events that support their individual brand and growth in a personalized manner.
  • Maintain knowledge and interest in client activities and issues, which may include brand growth, local events, staffing changes, Social Assurance brand marketing services and application issues.
  • Lead and/or participate in key client touchpoints including, but not limited to progress reports, annual reviews, issue discussions and service solution reviews.
  • Assist in the maintenance of client information and records management through CRM documentation.


Key Qualities

  • Loves talking to people and genuinely getting to know them. They can make a friend standing in line at the post office.
  • A desire to provide a solution that is in the best interest of the customer and a sense of responsibility to ensure that expectations and deliverables are met.
  • A hands-on strategic salesperson who is always on the lookout for ways to connect and provide value to prospects and clients.
  • Strong listening and comprehension skills that help them to tailor solutions to the prospect/customer’s exact needs building the solution to fit their story.
  • A sense of responsibility to the point that an unresolved prospect/client need/issue makes them lose sleep at night.
  • A desire to build long lasting relationships with prospects and clients.



Background and Qualifications

  • Ability to travel to customer locations and conferences – 10%-20% travel based on seasonality
  • 5+ years of successful B2B sales experience
  • 3-5 years of experience working in or with financial brands with a particular focus in the banking industry
  • Familiarity of SaaS organizations and operations
  • Understanding of social media networks and a drive to stay on top of related trends
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, Computer Science, Finance or equivalent experience

Product Manager

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Social Assurance is a SaaS (Software as a Service) provider focused on helping brands be the heroes of their community. With solutions encompassing digital marketing and community development software and supporting marketing services Social Assurance supports its clients in making Remarkable community connections.

The Social Assurance Product Manager (preferably located in Lincoln, NE) is responsible for owning the strategy, roadmap and execution of the development of scalable software solutions. This individual will support our organization and clients in driving the design, execution and continued advancement of solutions supporting financial brands to be Remarkable community heroes.

The Product Manager exhibits the following core values of the Social Assurance brand:

  • Drive: Driven to collaboratively develop products with the intent to support our clients in proving their community impact.
  • Responsibility: A team leader committed to steering their team to maintain accountability and humility as they scale the Social Assurance product suite to advance customer experience.


Product Manager Responsibilities

This individual will lead the direction and advancement of the Social Assurance suite of software products through:

  • Owning the strategy and roadmap for Social Assurance’s software suite
  • Being the primary point person between leadership, marketing and development
  • Guiding the product design and development teams in the prioritization of work, backlogs and incoming enhancement requests
  • Conducting market and competitor research to help support the advancement of product development
  • Leading product feature development thorough an understanding of industry requirements, customer and internal input, and product vision
  • Serving as the VOC to gather customer feedback, through qualitative and quantitative research
  • Maintaining ownership and responsibility for product timelines, roll-out and success
  • Leading the team with project management in initiating, planning, executing and control phases related to product development.
  • Owning, manage and control regular software update schedule, planning, communications and execution
  • Owning execution of go-to-market strategies for product and customer success
  • Coordinating with various departmental areas to collaborate on product requirements, enhancements, communications and training/education.


Key Qualities

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • You feel that successful product advancement is driven by process and focused intent
  • The ability to managing multiple products, projects and launches
  • The ability to tactfully address the input of multiple individuals when establishing product requirements and design


Background and Qualifications

  • 5+ years product management experience
  • Familiarity of SaaS organizations and operations
  • Understanding of social media networks and a drive to stay on top of related trends
  • Familiarity with the financial industry and/or marketing experience desired, but not required
  • Experience with Agile software development practices
  • PMP certification or equivalent experience desirable
  • Product management design experience preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience



          We are a collaborative organization looking to the professional community and our team continue to learn, grow and build solutions that create connections. Taking lessons learned, we are driven with the highest level of integrity focusing on what is best for the industry, our clients and their communities.


          The Social Assurance team is driven by the responsibility of providing outstanding financial marketing solutions and support. We focus on collaborative drive to ensure that our team is moving our solutions forward together and having fun doing it.


          At Social Assurance, we want to build a remarkable team and reward them for their hard work and dedication to our community, clients, and company.

          Every team member at Social Assurance has access to the following benefits:

          • Health, Dental, Medical, and Life Insurance
          • Simple IRA and employer match
          • Unlimited Vacation Policy
          • Professional Development and Training
          • Personal Fitness Reimbursement
          • And More!