Ignite Your Credit Union with Compliant Digital Marketing Solutions.

Our solutions are designed to empower credit unions to ignite their employees, their community impact, and how they market their brand through social good.
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Social Assurance is a sponsor for the Credit Union National Association Annual Conference and supports over 1,500 financial brands across the country.

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Marketing Teams


Brainstorm, plan and develop content across teams and channels to achieve your credit union’s marketing objectives.


See all your marketing campaigns from one dashboard and track your teams progress with insightful analytics.


Draft, submit, schedule, and publish content to your social media channels straight through our marketing platform.


Automate internal communications for review and approval to different team members and departments with ease.

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Development Teams


Better connect with your target audience and members through communicating your community impact and social good.


Through one dashboard, efficiently track, report, and measure community involvement and impact to your members and community.


Instill a service and social good culture at your credit union through employee recognition and engagement initiatives.


Easily record volunteer hours, donations, and credit union investments to prove your community impact.

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Founded in 2011, Social Assurance provides the financial services industry with a suite of software solutions, services, and storytelling tools that help build Remarkable financial brands, cultures, and communities. With a mission to Empower, Ignite and Enable financial brands to be Remarkable, Social Assurance now serves over 1,500 financial brands across the country, helping them leave their mark and be the heroes of their community.

Make a measurable and remarkable impact in your Community with Community Spark.

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Credit Union Resources

Just in need of some extra resources? We got you. Check out our resources exclusively designed for credit union teams, and subscribe to our community to receive news, insights, and more great content.

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Building a Brand Series: What is a Brand?

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Three Building Blocks for Financial Brand Community Engagement

How can you best engage with your customers? Through a combination of compliance, strategy, and communication. Learn more here.

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Building Community Through Social Media

What makes a good community? Learn key takeaways on how you can take the next step in building your community through social media.

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