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Why Lenders & Sales Agents Struggle with Social Selling & How To Fix It

Scheduled Time : January 24, 2024 10:30 am

Whether your organization’s goals are centered on deposits or loan growth (or both!) in 2024, activating lenders and sales agents is absolutely crucial. When it comes to business development, the name of the game is trust and consistency, and social media is the perfect place to build a genuine reputation for both. But, activating lenders can be a challenge. Many are stretched for time; some lenders and sales agents are averse to social media or unfamiliar with some or all platforms; some don’t know the first thing about creating social media content while others are apt to go a little rogue (misaligning with brand standards and compliance teams). 

In this webinar, we’re tackling social selling head-on amid a promising outlook on rates to ensure community banks, credit unions, and financial brands are positioned for success. We’ll talk about the importance of social selling as a subtle, sophisticated tool for building and nurturing networks–and show you how to get lenders and sales agents to actually do it. We’ll also get into the very real challenges financial brands face in building social selling strategies, gaining buy-in, creating processes, and deploying programs across teams and locations. The result? A time-efficient, on-brand, compliant approach to social selling that actually works.

Key Takeaways: 

  • How to empower lenders while also keeping them on-brand and compliant 
  • How to get lenders to actually post social media content that moves the needle 
  • How to deploy social selling in a cost-effective, time-efficient way that brings exposure and leads