Social Media Made Simple

While our software is the hub to help your team efficiently manage social media content and conversations, we also help financial brands grow through custom targeted content, campaigns and advertising.

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Customize Your Content

Keeping your audience consistently engaged on social media can be challenging. Our full-service content is not only tailored to your business needs, audiences and your specific branch locations, but is written with audience engagement in mind. Full-service content creation includes:

  • A dedicated strategic contact who works directly with your team to create purposeful content
  • Custom copywriting, photography and graphics tailored to your brand’s guidelines
  • Content that aligns with your existing and upcoming traditional marketing initiatives

Run a Campaign

Are you looking for a fun way to connect with your communities? Do you want to build brand awareness, enhance social engagement or share your brand’s culture? A social media campaign is an effective way to unite your audience. While many of our partners use campaigns as a way to launch their presence on social media, a social media campaign also gets audiences excited about activities like a new branch launch or company charity initiative.

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Invest in Advertising

Paid social media advertising is a powerful tool to reach both your customers and leads. The Social Assurance team provides full-service ad creation and management. Our social media paid advertising helps our partners grow their audience(s), increase brand awareness and reach, boost traffic to websites and landing pages and create new leads.

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