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Unpacking, Redecorating and Revamping

Social Assurance is always striving to be a mover and shaker within the community and although each week offers its dose of excitement, it’s been pretty exciting around here as we embarked on new opportunities and celebrated milestones. Our New Office We moved into our new office space, and are now located in the heart […]

Communicating during natural disasters

The path of destruction that Hurricane Harvey has left over the past week has left many homeless, numerous feeling helpless and others stepping up as heroes. For many businesses including brokers, banks, and any financial market, closing during inclement weather is not an option. But how do you make a bad situation positive? Social media […]

Lifelong Investments

Great content does the work for you. It is like a loan that you can sit on and collect interest. You put it out there, and with some time, you see an ROI through engagement. Great banking content will foster relationships and tell a story. A story that brings banking principles to life and cut […]

Millennials in Banking

The banking landscape is always changing – adding millennials into the formula can create an unexpected result. Considering recent events, we thought these few take-aways about the millennial approach to life can help banks and credit unions go a long way in capturing the marketing spotlight.    

The Importance of Branding

First impressions are crucial for any company. It links a subconscious tone to who your brand is. Being a digitally driven society, you do not always have the opportunity to control that first impression and explain your business face-to-face. It is often your company’s brand that sets the tone and does the talking for you.Your logo, […]