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How to Keep Social Media Content Fun and Fresh as a Financial Brand

By August 14, 20203 min read

Did you know that today is National Financial Awareness Day? And on Monday we will celebrate National Nonprofit Day! In fact, every day of the year, there is a celebration of something that your financial brand can post about! From Guacamole (September 16th) to International Bankers Day (December 4th) there are 365 opportunities to celebrate and incorporate a national day into your social media calendar.

Why should you use national days in your social media content? Simple: it shows your brand’s lighter side and helps your followers better connect with you! Financial tips and products are great go-to pieces of content for your brand, but don’t be afraid to change things up. Breaking the steady flow of resources can help recapture your follower’s attention. Plus, your customers could identify with your national day posts and you all could share a laugh (which we could all use more of in 2020).

Here are three different ways you can incorporate these fun and quirky holidays into your content.

1. Spread the Fun by Getting Employees Involved

Recently at Social Assurance, we were given an incredibly fun work assignment – getting ice cream! Our leadership team sent each employee a gift card to a local ice cream shop with the suggestion of taking a fun photo of our purchase. Not only was it a fun treat, but it also build comradery and gave us some great content to post on #NationalIceCreamDay (July 19).

Pro Tip:

Does your team have a favorite coffee spot? Sponsor a coffee run on September 29th to celebrate National Coffee Day and snap a photo of your fun outing to share on social media. Or maybe you have a local food truck that could visit your branch on October 4th for National Taco Day? Sombreros welcomed.

2. Create a Photo Contest

Get your community involved in participating by creating a photo contest around a certain national day! For example, everyone loves sharing photos of their dogs. On the week leading up to August 26th, National Dog Day, have your followers submit photos of their furry friend! Or, recognize National Pumpkin Day on October 26th by hosting a carved pumpkin photo contest. Post the top entries on social media and have your followers vote for their favorite!

Pro Tip:

Make a photo contest even more engaging for your followers by offering a prize for the top photo or donating to a local charity on the winner’s behalf! Need help running a compliant and engaging photo contest? We can help! Reach out to learn more.

3. Highlight Your Community Bank or Credit Union

Not all national days are silly. Some serve as important milestones to recognize those who otherwise may get overlooked. Small Business Saturday on November 28th has turned into a nationwide movement to encourage community members to #shoplocal. October 2nd, National Custodian Day is a great way to recognize the hardworking team that keeps your branches clean. Don’t forget to show appreciation to your compliance officers on September 26th, National Compliance Officer Day. You can even push the importance of opening a savings account on October 12th, National Savings Day.

Social Assurance will help you get started with posting content on some of National Days we have mentioned above by downloading our free pack of image! Feel free to add them to your content calendars and post out on social media.

Sarah Patrick

Design, branding and bringing creative solutions to our brand and financial partners is what Sarah Patrick is passionate about. She also loves a good crossword puzzle, doing yoga and exploring new coffee shops around town.