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Community Spark Award 2020 Finalist: FNB Community Bank

By September 10, 20202 min read

Much like the rest of the country, COVID-19 forced FNB Community Bank to realign its strategy to reflect the message that it is here to help the community get through this. To show its support, one of the initiatives it ran was a donation campaign on social media where it gave its followers input on worthwhile charitable causes. 

There were three voting options for followers: 1) a COVID-19 Student Relief Fund for students of a local community college who did not have wifi to complete their now-required virtual classes, 2) a local food pantry in one of its market areas who continued to serve clients throughout the pandemic, and 3) another food and resource center in another market area that provided meals to go in a drive-thru method for families in need. Overall, the campaign received over 400 votes and 10,000 impressions, which added up to $2,100 in donations from FNB Community Bank. 

Another initiative included a come-and-go event for local high school graduates. FNB Community Bank partnered with a local yard sign company to offer every senior the opportunity to take a picture with big, bold, “2020 Graduate” signs to commemorate their graduation.

FNB Community Bank’s final philanthropic effort was its brown bag campaign for its local food pantry. When clients visit the food pantry and receive food, pantry volunteers place the food items in brown bags for easier carrying. The brown bags happen to be an overlooked donation item at the pantry. FNB Community bank partnered with one of its commercial customers to get 500 brown grocery bags donations to the Mid-Del Food Pantry.

Sarah Patrick

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