With the wealth of technology and tools available to financial brands, it can be a difficult undertaking to know where to start in your digital transformation journey. When brands are more focused than ever on understanding the customer experience, finding new ways to connect with their audience, having sophisticated and robust tools becomes essential to your marketing strategy. But how can financial brands avoid getting caught up on the latest, “bright, shiny, objects?”

In this webinar, we dove deep into strategies and best practices for evaluating, implementing, and leveraging marketing technology with Ali Schwanke, CEO of Simple Strat. Learn how you can effectively build a business case to reach and engage your audience through marketing technology.

Catch our conversation with Ali, where we covered:

  • How to understand and evaluate marketing technology – ranging from CRMs and email marketing to marketing automation, social marketing, and analytics
  • When and how to use MarTech to optimize your content and audience engagement
  • Strategies for building a business case for MarTech
  • Tips for successfully deploying and utilizing marketing technology

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