Three Steps to Telling Your Financial Literacy Story Using Social Media

Are you interested in using social media to share more about your financial literacy program and initiatives? By not only showcasing your expertise, but by also showing that you care and value your community, you can generate interest and engagement. We can partner with team to make financial literacy promotions just one part of your full-service content.

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Care: Tell a Story

Make a personal connection

Answer: Why should I care?

Clearly showcase benefits

Answer: Why should I choose you?

Offers a vision for the future

Answer: Why should I invest in Financial Literacy


Expertise + Care

Tailor your content

Promote your program/feature of the week

Utilize different channels

Pay to promote on social

Link back to your website

Make it easy for followers to learn more



Show how your staff provides thought leadership in your community

Share and celebrate successes on social media

Promote online follow-ups at in-person events



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