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School’s in Session: Marketing to Gen Z

The latest generation practices the newest trends.

From their record high buying power to their increased interest in financial education, marketing to Gen Z should be a top priority in your marketing plans.


Consumer Behavior 101

  • Gen Z is not Millennials 2.0 – the first group in Gen Z just graduated college and your Millennial customers are now buying homes, starting families, etc.
  • They prioritize authenticity and value when evaluating a financial brand’s services and content. Education is also big for Gen Z.
  • Avoid a “one-size-fits-all” approach when evaluating how to reach Gen Z; tailoring services to their needs is the best way to gain and keep their attention.


Advertising 202

  • Share stories from customers to inspire, connect, influence and promote products to Gen Z.
  • Measure and track the effectiveness of how your social and digital campaigns are reaching Gen Z by using the Facebook Audience Network, Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics data.
  • Offer opportunities for Gen Z to connect with your brand through questionnaires, polls and campaigns.


Marketing and Messaging 303

  • Establish brand influencers to connect with and educate your Gen Z customers.
  • Seek to provide value with social media content; bonus points for entertaining your Gen Z audience.
  • Look for feedback: Gen Z is very vocal about their interests – listen to them.