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More CTAs for Your Buck: Navigating Paid Social Media

The Four Points of Paid Social Media Success:


Step One: Choose the Right Social Campaign

Each channel offers a different way of reaching your audience — make sure to do your research and choose your channel wisely to maximize your results. Don’t forget you can partner with Social Assurance for your paid advertising and campaigns.


Step Two: Optimize Call to Actions (CTAs)

Design with your consumer in mind — what will capture their attention? If you aren’t sure what will work, A/B test with a different picture, a different CTA, or a different button. Above all – make sure it is mobile friendly, as most users are on their phones.


Step Three: Make Ads Compliant

Be careful when targeting. Be absolutely clear in what you are advertising, what the consumer has to do to get it and how they can qualify. Keep regulations in mind and include “Member FDIC, Equal Housing Lender” when advertising your brand.


Step Four: Measure Results

First, determine your budget. Second, understand that you may lose money when you’re first starting out. You’ll find that some things will work, and some won’t. Third, always make sure you’re assessing your results so you can learn from your next ad.