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Collaborative Government Social Media: Capture & Share Great Content

Scheduled Time : May 18, 2023 2:30 pm

Storytelling undoubtedly influences public perception and there’s arguably no better way to engage community members than through social media. But whether you’re a communications team of one or a large group of agencies, collaboration is the key to great social media content and storytelling. It starts with the way you capture and share stories, photos, and information.

In this webinar, Social Assurance Founder and CEO Ben Pankonin covers the essential tools government agencies need to surface important community stories, create engaging social media content, and communicate essential information in a timely and compliant manner. This includes the importance of archival, moderation, and secure social media management at every level.

Key Takeaways

  1. How collaboration can save time and improve social media content 
  2. Tools and tips for more collaborative social media management 
  3. Insights into archival/recordkeeping and compliance 
  4. Key info about securing information across channels, including social media