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Three Tips for Improving Your Financial Brand’s Facebook Content

Category: Social Media Management
Published: October 18, 2019
Quantity vs Quality Facebook

While there’s no question that your financial brand should be active on Facebook, there’s often a lot of confusion around not only what to post, but how often to post. While Facebook is different for each brand, we’ve included a few helpful guidelines below to help your team strategize for your next content calendar. Don’t forget that if you’re finding that you’re unable to post as often as you’d like, or need a partner to help, Social Assurance offers custom content for financial brands.

Quantity: Post Three to Five Times a Week

Multiple posts per day can sometimes overwhelm Facebook feeds, so we recommend looking at your metrics to post at peak times as opposed to posting the same thing several times in one day. While there is often a diminishing return as you increase the number of times that you post per day, your followers are likely to see your next post if your previous post has had large engagement. We recommending posting to your Facebook page three to five times a week during peak hours to maximize engagement. Aim for a diverse set of posts on things like community activities, financial education, financial tools, products and more.

Pro Tip: Rather than aimlessly sharing content, be consistent. If you post about your community every Wednesday and provide a financial fact on Fridays, stick to this schedule so your followers will come back to engage with you.

Quality: Provide Value in Your Posts

As a financial brand, followers turn to you to provide insights on a variety of financial topics. From providing financial education to giving insights on how your customers can get pre-approved for a loan, making your content worthwhile often leads to higher organic engagement. After writing or reviewing a post, it’s important to ask “what will my audience gain from reading this?” If you don’t know the answer, it’s time to rewrite the post.

Pro Tip: Aim to build trust and reputation through financial tips. For example, rather than sharing an article from an external source, break down the key tips into a social media series. Your followers will not only trust you more but will also be more likely to turn to your brand when they want to take their next financial step.

Quality and Quantity: Track Performance and Audit Topics

Don’t forget that Facebook has free built-in analytics to track the performance of your posts. Take a look at your metrics from the past three months to better understand the types of content that resonates with your audience(s). If posts aren’t meeting your expectations, consider experimenting with different topics and ideas. It’s important to appeal to your audience by providing them with the content they want to see so you can not only increase engagement but get more customers into your branches.

Pro Tip: Ask your audience what they want to hear from you. Whether that’s through a Facebook post or via your next email or newsletter, this will help you engage your audience(s). Measure to see what posts are performing the best and try to replicate those results.

Great social media content is a balance between quality and quantity. While it’s important to create content to reach your followers’ timelines, aiming for value means you can be most effective. Without analytics to assess how your brand is doing, you can’t maximize content for growth.

Do you have questions about content, or want to learn more about how Social Assurance can help you create custom content for your financial brand? Email us at or contact us using the button below.

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Zach Way

Raised around banking, Zach Way found his calling creating social content for financial institutions. Zach is an avid chino wearer who plays golf and religiously follows the NBA.

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