Getting Started: Social Media Thought Leadership

Brands share their story. People make connections.

Humanize Your Brand

Build Trust with followers

Establish an Expertise

Break down your specialty

Learn from those you listen to. What thought leaders do you follow and why do you follow them? Why is their content interesting and how have they influenced you?

Establishing Thought Leaders

Choosing Leaders

Start by making a list of all of the influencers you follow. What are their common traits? Choose leaders that you admire and adapt their style to your industry.

Creating Content

You can base your thought leadership content on personal knowledge, target market interests or even unaddressed topics of concern. 

Sharing Content

Leverage your financial institution’s social media accounts and website, comment on industry topics and share informational resources that are relevant to your audience.


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We sat down to talk about what it takes to build a thought leadership presence in your industry.