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Introducing Community Spark – Ignite Your Community Connections

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Published: October 1, 2020

Our goal at Social Assurance is to help financial brands like yours build and grow  relationships with your community. That’s why we are excited to announce our newest  product – Community Spark. This solution not only helps your team manage  community involvement, but will also help coordinate, track and report on donation  and investment activities. 

Community Spark gives your bank or credit union the tools it needs to manage your  community involvement. From one platform, track your donations, loans, activities and  investments. It not only makes this easy, but also fun – helping to foster employee  engagement. Further, you can integrate this platform with your marketing workflows to  better share and communicate the difference you make in your community. Benefits of  Community Spark include:

Empowering Community Development

See an overview of all your community driven initiatives. With Community Spark, you can manage all community investments, volunteer hours, and charitable giving. All donation requests can now be reviewed, approved, distributed and tracked for CRA credit from one dashboard. Further, you can encourage your employees to participate in volunteerism by creating, inviting and sharing community events, registration and involvement.

Engaging Your Employees

Community Spark is uniquely designed to enable buy-in from your organization. Incentivize and encourage your employees to create social good through the use of Sparks. These shout-outs help recognize the impact employees are making and drives  them toward further involvements. Further, by allowing employees to champion others  in the organization, it imbeds a sense of service into your culture and reinforces the  community values most important to your organization.

Simplifying CRA Management

Connect your social initiatives to simplify your CRA tracking. Community Spark comes  with built-in CRA eligibility activity qualification and approval workflows. With direct  import tools, your LMI loans and investments can be easily tracked and measured. Plus, with on-demand CRA reporting and auditor access controls, you can help streamline examination preparation and workflows.

We know that ​banks and credit unions have always played a critical role in helping their communities thrive. Either through community impact initiatives, volunteering, or through charitable contributions. At Social Assurance we believe that Community Spark will give financial institutions the tool to be able to not only measure their community impact but continue to engage employees and build a culture around it. Get Started today and Ignite your Community!

Learn how Social Assurance's Community Spark platform helps financial brands connect with their communities.


Alexander Lahargoue

As a content and marketing specialist for Social Assurance, Alexander Lahargoue focuses on creating strategic content to help clients grow and sell online. In his free time, he writes suspense novels, cooks and is learning new languages.

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