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Social Media Trends 2020 – LinkedIn Best Practices

By September 22, 20203 min read

2020 has been a significant year of change. With every new development, social platforms have adapted. LinkedIn is no exception. The most professional social media site has evolved to meet its users’ needs and the difference could surprise you. It may be time to rethink what you know and learn how your financial brand can capitalize on these upcoming trends.

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Build a Better Profile

In the early days of LinkedIn, the goal was to have a professional headshot, a headline that grabs attention and a sufficient work history. Today, financial marketers and loan officers are stepping up their profiles. From spotlighting the services you offer to optimizing content for search results, the stronger you can build your profile, the better results it will generate for you. Take the next step by including video and resources for your connections to interact and download. With the number of users growing, a fully developed profile can help you stand apart from the rest.

Pro Tip:

To learn how to grow your following and attract more sales as a loan officer, be sure to catch one of earlier posts.

Prospect for Advertisers

LinkedIn has always been a platform for prospect mining. What’s changed is the improvement that the site has made for its social advertising options. On average, it generates greater return on investment when compared to other digital marketing options. Cost per leads are 28% lower than on Google Analytics and 62% more effective than the next social platform. With these trends and performance metrics, turn to LinkedIn as your primary platform for digital advertising.

Pro Tip:

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Content Plan for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only the source for better results with paid advertising, but also organic growth. Across all social media sites in general, organic growth is something that’s harder and harder to achieve. While this is true for LinkedIn, it’s still the top-rated platform for organic growth. It’s why 76% of content marketers turn to this platform for generating traffic. Focusing on a content plan that optimizes your LinkedIn traffic is one of the best ways to ensure your brand’s growth for the rest of 2020 and 2021.

Pro Tip:

Provide value for free in your content. Your followers will appreciate the information and turn to you again for more insights down the road.

What are some other upcoming trends you see for LinkedIn for this year and next? Let us know by tweeting at us using the hashtag #SocialBank. Be sure to subscribe to Social Assurance to get our latest news and insights straight to your inbox!