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Three Tips for Growing on LinkedIn as a Loan Officer During COVID-19

By August 21, 20203 min read

Why is LinkedIn a valuable tool for loan officers? Because it’s one of the best sources for lead generation. The engagement and value that you provide on this platform prove more effective than blogs, Twitter, or Facebook. In fact, lead conversion rates are more than three times higher than any other ad platform, including Google Ads. It’s simply a tool that’s too valuable to ignore – but how does its use change during a pandemic?

Pandemics drive more users (and competitors) online. During the COVID-19 pandemic, online sessions on LinkedIn grew by 22% compared to the previous year. Therefore, marketing tactics need to adjust – both in strategy and communication. Our upcoming webinar goes into detail about how you can manage your overall marketing campaigns. To improve your LinkedIn efforts, be sure to keep these three keys in mind.

Optimize Profile

Every piece of information in your profile matters. This is because LinkedIn searches work very similar to Google’s. Keywords located in your content, headlines, and summaries are indexed and used for search results. To improve your rankings, focus on optimizing the content in your profile around the topics that you want to be known for among your followers. Craft headlines that grab attention and cross-promote your published content. While it may seem tedious, incorporating this step will help you attract more prospects organically and obtain better quality leads.

Pro Tip:

Research these keywords. Try to find a unique niche that you can provide value and information.

Focus on Retention

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many businesses change their sales tactics. One of these critical shifts has been the greater focus from new acquisitions to customer retention. One of the best methods to achieve this for loan officers is to follow-up. From messages and introductions to blogs and contributing comments, adding to your touchpoints is an investment that pays off over time. Following-up with clients is especially crucial – and sometimes even more valuable than prospecting. Plus, with the amount of noise on LinkedIn, multiple touchpoints are occasionally necessary in order for you to stand apart.

Pro Tip:

Connect with fellow community partners on LinkedIn. They can help introduce you to more prospects as well as identify areas where you can help.

Create LinkedIn Groups

We’ve talked in a previous blog about the importance of providing value. To receive a higher ROI on your efforts, share your content through your own LinkedIn group. This public (or private) group can be a resource for clients and leads to learn new developments, gain essential information, and understand how you can help. Providing this content for free is the best way to increase your membership quickly. Remember, for LinkedIn especially, seek to earn trust before expecting to earn business.

Pro Tip:

Ask your group for ideas on resources and information. This will help you save time and provide greater returns over the long-run.

Don’t forget – we have an upcoming webinar detailing how to improve your marketing efforts during a pandemic. We’ll cover the communication strategies and policy prioritization that will help your financial brand stand out. Be sure to check out our website for new updates on how you can better connect your financial brand to your community. 

Zach Way

Raised around banking, Zach Way found his calling creating social content for financial institutions. Zach is an avid chino wearer who plays golf and religiously follows the NBA.