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Community Spark Award 2020 Finalist: York Traditions Bank

By September 9, 20202 min read

A tradition of community – that is one of the things York Traditions Bank is built upon. York Traditions Bank has a “tradition” of supporting its community. Since the founding of York Traditions Bank in 2002, its Associates have given their time and talent to many nonprofit organizations. Additionally, the bank has made more than 2 million dollars in charitable contributions in the York area and beyond. This year was no exception to its philanthropic efforts. Since the onset of COVID-19, the bank has shifted its focus to funding and resources for local organizations providing direct service to those most vulnerable in society. As nonprofits chose to cancel events, the York Traditions Bank Community Support Committee shifted those dollars from sponsorships to direct donations to help sustain those organizations.

During Give Local York, York’s most significant day of community giving, York Traditions Bank created a matching donation of $7,500 to increase the capacity of an emergency fund established to provide relief for those directly affected by COVID-19.

Each year in October, the bank invites customers to dine in each of the branches. These events show the bank’s appreciation to its customers as well as for customers to meet with the bank’s leadership. Hosting an in-person event, with food, in a small bank branch is not possible in the landscape of 2020. This year, the bank shifted those dollars from an in-person event to direct donations to 18 nonprofits to help celebrate its 18th anniversary. It will promote these organizations and their efforts on its website and social media.

York Traditions Bank also sponsors significant community events, including a July Fourth fireworks event and a large-scale Halloween Parade. It is currently working with its event partner to repurpose those dollars to support local artists, small businesses, and beautify York City for the month of October.

As York Traditions Bank moves forward, it will continue to look for opportunities to support great local nonprofit organizations in meaningful ways.