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Five Things to Know Before Running Your Next Campaign

A Campaign Can Help Your Financial Brand Reach and Engage Customers, Leads and Your Community
Check out our tips and strategies below to boost the value of your campaigns!


Campaign Types & Rules

Sweepstakes: A price awarded on the basis of chance. The winner is solely picked at random with no other elements of consideration.

Contest: Effort or skill is required to win a prize. A winner is determined by voting or judging criteria.


Methods to Increase Participation

Email promotion: Send out an internal email that gets employees excited for your campaign. Promote ways they can get involved and what they can win.

Social Sharing: Followers can’t join your campaign if they don’t know about it – get the word out and share it on all of your brand’s channels!


Campaign Timeline & Advertising Tips

Length of Campaign: This varies based on the type of campaign, but a good rule of thumb is to have at least a week scheduled for it to run.

Set Promotions Budget: From reaching new audiences to increasing exposure among followers, paid promotions can really improve your campaign results.