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America Saves Week: Your Marketing Toolkit

By February 18, 20224 min read

Budgeting and savings.

Financial planning and retirement goals.

Investing and interest rates.

There are often more topics than we initially think when it comes to personal finance. With so much information out there, it’s hard to know everything you should.

Consumers especially are suffering when it comes to knowing the basics of these critical financial topics. In a recent study, almost half of consumers struggle with understanding how much to save and spend. Further, 56% cannot cover a $1,000 emergency expense, and more than 66% feel they are behind in saving for retirement.  

Consumers need and want to learn more about financial topics – and that’s where your brand comes in. You can leverage your online platform to show your community that your financial brand is invested in their financial success. 

Share your savings wisdom this February by participating in America Saves Week. This day provides you a meaningful opportunity to distribute important saving tips and join in the national conversation from February 21 – 25. 

To help you share this helpful information with your community, we have included graphics, content, and tips for you to share on your social media. 

Provide Key Information on Savings

This year’s theme is focused on building financial resilience. This means preparing for the long term while also having enough to cover unexpected and surprise expenses.  

America Saves Week is the perfect time to integrate savings education into your messaging. Your community turns to you for financial insight and help, so take this time to use your platform. Show your community that strong habits for saving can start at any time and help them reach their unique goals. 

Here are a few topics to incorporate in your messaging:

  • Setting flexible monthly budgets and how to change them month to month
  • How much to set aside for savings in each paycheck
  • The different types of savings accounts available and how they benefit consumers
  • Understanding interest rates and how it helps to financial goals

Pro Tip:

Spread your financial brand’s message online with ease with digital marketing software. It’s a tool that helps you plan, schedule, and collaborate on social media content that leverages your brand’s connection with your community. Get a free demo at Social Assurance to learn more.  

Focus on Providing Value

The key to effective communication during weeks like America Saves Week is to not focus on gaining new customers or showcasing your brand. Instead, the key lies in providing value to your online community. Demonstrate that you are a partner who’s invested in their success as an individual, and don’t be so keen to promote your brand or products right away.

Remember, the more value you provide to your audience, the more they will come to view you as a trusted authority. Create content that discusses budgeting reminders and offer worksheets or resources to help them save. Allow your community to reach out and ask questions and react to your content. All these efforts show that your brand is not just concerned with self-promotion but that you are genuinely there to help. 

Pro Tip:

To plan out your content during America Saves Week and beyond, consider setting up a content calendar. Read our blog here to get insight into best practices and incorporating it into your digital strategy.  

Join the Savings Conversation 

This is one of the best times to connect with your online community and have insightful conversations. We have provided some sample posts and graphics for you to share online. 

EXAMPLE POST #1: Save Automatically

Remembering to take money out of your checking account and put it away in your savings account can be difficult for anyone. Make it surprisingly simple by setting up automatic transfers. As soon as you get your paycheck or other deposits, automatically get some of it sent to a savings account to rack up savings easily.


EXAMPLE POST #2: Save for the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected with a rainy-day fund! A rainy-day fund is an emergency savings account for smaller expenses. Whether it’s a pesky parking ticket or unexpected home repair, this account has got your back!


EXAMPLE POST #3: Save to Retire

Whether retirement is far away or coming up soon, it is important to think about retirement saving methods. The easy answer is, the earlier you save, the better the reward. Retirement savings can be done through 401(k)s or an I.R.A (Individual Retirement Accounts). Explore your retirement saving options and find the right one for you!


EXAMPLE POST #4: Save by Reducing Debt

Saving can be a daunting task when you have a debt to worry about. But did you know that paying off your debt is a method of saving too? Saving to pay off any loans or debt quickly means that you pay less in interest overall. Therefore, reducing your debt saves you more in the long run. Try budgeting your monthly payments so you can make payments to significant debt.

Saving is the cornerstone of personal finance, and people in your community need your help. Become a powerful force of education and support for your community by utilizing your online presence.