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Content Marketing 101: Accomplish Your Content Strategy as a Team

By February 25, 20223 min read

Just like raising a child, it takes a village to execute any content marketing strategy. In our previous blog, Content Marketing 101 for Financial Brands, we uncovered that there are a lot of moving parts to a content marketing strategy. If you want a strong execution, you’re going to need some help.

Through our conversations with bank marketers, we know it’s no secret that resources for producing content are limited. However, executing a content marketing strategy doesn’t just have to solely rely on your marketing team. There are many benefits from working with other departments in your organization: different perspectives, customer-focused approach, financial knowledge, and more. These are all things that will be valuable to your audience and help form the content that connects with your audience.

Getting buy-in from other team members will make your content marketing strategy easier to execute and provide more insights into what your customers deem as valuable content. Keep reading for four different ways to include team members in the execution of your content marketing strategy – it’s a team effort!

Ask for Input

Collecting content from team members can be as simple ask just asking for it! You may even find that your coworkers will be excited that their input is being asked for or that their ideas are being used. Try to brainstorm some content that really highlights the work or insights from your coworkers so that they have even more buy-in. It’s important to remember that your team members have other responsibilities that are going to take up most of their time, so be sure to ask them for information in their wheelhouse.


Pro-tip: Schedule an email to send periodically to your team to remind them to share anything that they are working on or attending that will align with your content marketing strategy.

Create an Archive Document

Eliminate friction when team members want to share content ­to increase the likeliness of them sharing. Even though an email may seem like an easy task, it still creates another step – and added friction – in the content collection process.

Create a shared folder that all can access and “drop” any content idea or photos into. You can review periodically and pull from this folder for fresh ideas.

Get Out of Your Lane

Although you may be used to working alongside the same team members, try extending your network to other areas and branches within the company. For example, the customer service team has valuable insight as to what are customers’ biggest pain points. Those pain points lend themselves as opportunities to educate your customers through other platforms on how to avoid them. What other teams can you reach out to that will illuminate your potential blind spots?

Utilize Tools

Finding software and tools to help with collaboration within your team will set you up for success. Community Spark enables your team to track volunteer hours but also acts as a collection tool of photos and descriptions of their efforts. This provides accessibility to your marketing team to create content around events that are happening throughout your company.

Developing and executing a content marketing strategy is intimidating for one person to tackle alone. Remind your team members that the things they are doing in their roles every day are important and interesting to share, that their perspectives are valuable. The more buy-in that you can get from your team and from other departments, the more variety and value you’ll get in the content that you produce.

Collect content and create a spark in your community with Community Spark. Request a demo here.

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