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Standing in the Social Spotlight: Celebrating Community Banks

Scheduled Time : February 27, 2018 2:00 pm

Community financial institutions are pillars in their communities. From supporting local businesses to providing funding for schools and charities, community banks are paramount to building communities and dreams. However, many local citizens only see their bank as a business they pay fees to and not an institution that makes their hometowns a better place. But is it in poor taste to toot your own horn and let the community know what you are doing?

Join ICBA Director of Marketing Engagement, Carissa Hampton and Social Assurance Co-founder, Ben Pankonin as they discuss how community financial institutions can use social media and digital communications to tactfully and successfully share their stories and build community engagement. Ben and Carissa will be getting together for a webinar to share strategies and stories on how to put your organizations accomplishments in the social spotlight.