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Lender Marketing in a Digital World

Scheduled Time : February 9, 2022 2:00 pm

Even with interest rates on the rise and limited inventory, demand for real estate and mortgage loans remains especially high. Widespread survey data shows that the first step 97% of homebuyers take in considering the purchase of a new home is online research. In fact, Google’s 2021 search trends data reports that “near me” searches rose more than 100%, while searches for “home loan calculator” increased by a staggering 200%! Is your lending team positioned to reach and engage homebuyers in this environment?

Download the recording to learn more about how lending teams can maximize their online presence and leverage networking and social selling to find lending opportunities.

Discussion Points & Takeaways

  • The pandemic’s impact on consumer lending needs and preferences
  • Connecting with first-time homebuyers (including gen-zs and millennials)
  • How lenders and lending teams can reach more customers online
  • Building an online referral network