We went LIVE with Shelly Loftin, Senior Vice President from the American Bankers Association, and our CMO, Jody Guetter, CFMP, for the ABA Bank Marketing Board Unconventional Convo. During this session, we reunited with both current and past board members, John OxfordNicole Almeida, CFMPSiya VansiaShelley Regin, CFMP and Theresa Wendhausen, to discuss all things conference and bank marketing.

We didn’t stop at one conversation. We went LIVE with some of the top marketing minds across the country after the ABA Unconventional Convention from October 19-21. Watch our discussions with Chris Nichols  and Hunter Young, founder of HiFi Agency on the importance of driving a culture of experimentation and throwing the traditional marketing plan out the window.

Watch Chris’s Convo

Watch Hunter’s Convo

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