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Three Important Content Tips for Financial Brands

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Published: May 29, 2019
Social Media Content Tips for Financial Brands

While we all know that creating engaging social media content is all about trial and error, it’s important to understand how we can not only make this process easier, but how we can also save time while planning content calendars. Here are three things you can tackle at your next content meeting to better understand your social media channels and develop content to increase engagements.

Develop Follower Personas

Who are your followers? What services do you offer that might interest them? The first step in creating engaging content for your followers is to pinpoint who they are. When you have a better understand of your audience, you can develop content that would most appeal to them. Do you find that a majority of your social media followers are your customers? Cross-selling is key — let your personal checking customers know that you can help them buy their first home, build a vacation home, etc.

Pro Tip: Social media platforms are already tracking your demographic information. Take a look at your analytics to view the psychographics and demographics of your current followers and use those for your initial profiles. Want help? We create custom monthly and quarterly reports that outline this information. You can reach out to see a sample report.

Leverage Different Channels

So now that you know your followers are different on each platform, your content needs to change from channel to channel. For example, if you have an upcoming workshop where you help first time home buyers understand the mortgage process, you may decide to promote and share the event on Facebook along with host a Twitter chat on the same topic the following day. Making the most of different channels is one of the best ways to expand your following and reach more customers.

Pro Tip: Rather than duplicating content, think about how you can maximize your content across your social media channels (if you’ve discovered it’s a good fit).   

Focus on Lead Capture

While you’re likely using social media to interact with your followers and build communities — the ultimate goal is to get new customers or cross-sell to existing customers. Make sure that when you’re linking back to your website in social media  posts, there’s a clear way for them to either apply now or fill out a short contact form for you to reach out.

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re linking back to specific products you promote on your social media pages. If you don’t have a lead button, you’re missing an opportunity for a potential lead to reach out. For mortgage posts, link back to a page of your team members so they can either reach out directly or apply with a specific person.

Do you want more tips on improving your social media pages? Our monthly educational webinars are free. Next month, we’re covering how to build your brand using Instagram.

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Alexander Lahargoue

As a content and marketing specialist for Social Assurance, Alexander Lahargoue focuses on creating strategic content to help clients grow and sell online. In his free time, he writes suspense novels, cooks and is learning new languages.

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