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Four Ways to Repurpose and Reimagine Your Existing Content

By April 24, 20194 min read

When we write, it’s natural to think that the shelf-life of a particular piece of content is shorter than it really is. Because of this, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to create new pieces rather than repurposing or reimagining content that has proven to be successful. Does this sound familiar?

Now’s the time to change that mentality. Not only will you save time by updating your existing content, you can also use the marketing pieces you have to spur new ideas. Ultimately, you just have to decide if you want to refresh an existing piece or build off of what you’re good at and start something new (but related). Start with these four tips to decide if you should refresh or reimagine your existing content:

Refresh: Evergreen Content

Because evergreen content remains relevant for months (or ideally even years) after it was first published, this is an easy category to start with. While you should leave existing evergreen content on your website (especially if it’s receiving a lot of clicks), think of publishing an update of your:

  • White papers (e.g., 2019 update of a 2017 study)
  • Product and business related blogs
  • Thought leadership content (e.g., top ways to save this year)

When editing this content, it’s easiest to start with the information that is outdated. Update what is no longer accurate and add in any new examples that support your overall idea. By tackling updates this way, you’re able to stay efficient while still adding useful and important updates to your existing content.

Tip: Link your refreshed content in your old posts that are receiving traction (e.g., “read our update to this study, content, etc.).

Refresh: Social Media Posts

Evergreen content can also extend to your social media posts. If you run similar promotions at specific times of the year, refer to those posts and graphics each year when you start the writing or design process. Make sure you’re A/B testing content on social media with different images and graphics to see what resonates with your audience(s).

Tip: It’s easy to reference your old content when using a tool like Social Assurance. You can use our reporting tab to pull old content around specific dates, labels, etc.

Reimagine: Host a Webinar or Event Series

Your existing content can be a great starting point for monthly or quarterly webinar or event series. To get started on concepting a series, take a look at your most popular topics. Decide on a common theme and plan out how many you can tackle each year.

Webinars and events are an effective way for your company and employees to emerge as thought leaders in an industry. For more tips and tricks on thought leadership, check out our Social Media Thought Leadership Webinar.

Tip: You already have the experts and content available to promote this — it’s just reimagining it for a webinar or event. For example, host a quarterly real estate event. In the spring, hold an event about what buyers need to know about home building tips and loans. In the summer, host an event about home renovations and home equity lines of credit.

Reimagine: Start or Join a Podcast

Are your webinars and events becoming more popular? Are you finding that your audience wants to learn more about a specific topic like financial literacy? Podcasts are a great way to bring the words you’ve written to life and are typically a more casual way to reach your audience(s).

While you’ll need an overall theme, it’s definitely possible to tackle a category that you’re an expert on. Your bank or credit union president may want to host while you bring in experts.

Tip: While you may not be ready to start a podcast, one of your thought leaders could join a local podcast. This will provide great exposure for your financial institution while marketing a specific topic you’re an expert on.

Overall, by repurposing or reimagining your existing content, you’re able to save time and resources. This will also challenge you and your team to keep your content consistently updated while implementing new strategies so it can remain useful and relevant to your audiences.

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