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Inaugural Flyover Fintech Conference Summary

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Published: November 15, 2019
Nebraska Innovation Campus

This week, the inaugural Flyover Fintech conference was held at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Nebraska Innovation Campus. The goal of this conference was to bring together entrepreneurial innovators, financial services leaders and key policymakers to the center of everything fintech.

The idea for Flyover Fintech was put together by two friends, Don’t Panic Lab’s Bill Udell and Social Assurance’s Ben Pankonin, and is a culmination of their vision of how fintech could help solve some of the pressing issues affecting our communities. Initially starting as a meetup group, the network quickly grew and the idea for the conference was born. Check out a quick overview of the speakers and key takeaways from Flyover Fintech below.

Ben Schmitt, Vice President of Product and Information Security, Dwolla

As inventors, creators and believers, our work is never done. But, in order for us to help, we have to make sure our “why” is right. Investing our efforts in the community, creating an inclusive workspace and building diverse teams to creatively solve problems is an unbeatable combination to help solve the present struggles of today.

Eli Rosenberg, Partner, Baird Holm LLP

Eli Rosenberg, Partner, Baird Holm LLP

Due to the regulation in the financial industry, startups need to take the time to ensure that they’re compliant in their business activities. From security protocols to marketing, there are a lot of potential pitfalls. But where difficulty resides, opportunity coincides. By forming contacts and working within networks, businesses can navigate these rules and provide value to customers.

Peter Wegener, Chief Technology Officer, CardFlight

How your software is built matters. From the beginning, choosing the right platform can help solve the challenges of compliant software. Coupling the right infrastructure with a team that can quickly determine good code from the bad puts you on the right path for both scale and responding to challenges. Remember, the disasters you plan for are never the ones that affect your organization.

Derek Webster, CEO/Founder, CardFlight

Competing with industry giants as a new startup isn’t impossible – it just requires creative thinking. Moreover, competition is a choice. There are sometimes more benefits to forming partnerships instead. Being dogmatic about achieving your outcomes, rather than how it’s done, helps you to better position your brand in the market.

Stessa Cohen, Formerly at Gartner

Startups have the opportunity to disrupt not only their industry but to also be disruptors of culture. Combining data with emerging technology enables new organizations to help change the way people think. Reaching out to peers in different fields helps fintechs find new solutions to problems and innovate the future.

Key Takeaways

The inaugural conference successfully brought together key players in the financial technology sector. This exchange of insights and ideas paved the way for deeper discussion and stronger connections. From analyzing the benefits and tradeoffs of different software to reviewing the fundamentals of compliance, the seeds of future innovation were sown at Flyover Fintech.

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