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Employee Spotlight: Jordyn Swanson

By November 22, 20193 min read

Say hello to Jordyn Swanson, our marketing specialist! Jordyn has been with the Social Assurance team since March and is currently planning her travel list for 2020. Learn more about her below!

Where are you planning to visit next?

“My husband and I love to travel; my hope is that we can make it to all 50 states in our lifetime. I crafted a United States map that will allow us to keep track of where we have been together. We have been together for seven years and travelled to 11 states (and two locations outside of the country – Costa Rica and Punta Cana), so we have a good start!“

What’s your favorite social media channel?

“Instagram – I like to keep up with my friends and live vicariously through celebrities. It’s not always a realistic look into people’s lives, but it is a fun platform and very “in the moment” when it comes to sharing your day on stories.”

What’s a fun fact about you?

“I was a soccer player and a cheerleader throughout high school and college. I actually cheered in a walking boot for two games because of an ankle injury from soccer … it complimented my cheerleading uniform quite well!”

What’s your earliest memory of banking?

“My earliest memory involves the drive-thru window and suckers. As a child I wasn’t a fan of running errands, but my mom would bribe me by promising a sweet treat – I couldn’t say no! “

What is your role at Social Assurance and what do you like most about your job?

“My primary responsibility is lead generation or as I like to call it “relationship building.” I connect with potential customers and get to know their bank or credit union (e.g., what their current process is for social marketing and how our software can help overcome their pain points). A big part of this is attending conferences like CUNA, ABA Marketing, ABA Compliance, ICBA Live, and Financial Brand Forum. My favorite part of my job is my coworkers – we have so much fun together! I also love traveling to conferences because it is great to connect with current and potential clients and vendors.”

How do you stay up on current trends in the marketing and social media world?

“I subscribe to multiple websites/blogs (e.g., Financial Brand Forum, Facebook Business Updates, Webinars, etc.). I also rely on my coworkers – we share articles so that everyone can stay updated!”

What are you passionate about?

“I am passionate about learning. I enjoy listening to podcasts, going to museums or historical sites, watching documentaries on TV or Netflix and reading books to gain. It’s always good to have random tidbits in your back pocket for Social Assurance trivia nights!”

What do you think will be the biggest marketing or social media trend to hit the financial industry in 2020?

“I think the biggest social media trend to hit the financial industry in 2020 will be using Facebook and Instagram stories to advertise products, services and even events. This seems to be a trend, so I think banks and credit unions should and will start utilizing that space to advertise. If done right, it looks more organic than an ad that is served to you while scrolling through a website or other social channels.”

If you want to schedule a call with Jordyn, or if you have a recommendation on what state her family should travel to next, you can email her at