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ICBA Live 2024

March 14-17, 2024 | Orlando, FL

Social Assurance and ICBA, Independent Community Bankers of America

We’re gearing up for this year’s ICBA Live with a little something we call #MulletMentality. What, exactly, is Mullet Mentality, you ask? It’s a nod to the conundrum community banks often find themselves in: The need to stand out, while also maintaining credibility; the desire to be both creative and compliant; the need to be buttoned up, but also authentic and human; business in the front, party in the back–if you will. 

Indeed, sales and marketing teams are often faced with the challenge of balancing strategic content marketing with compliance checkpoints and oversight. But, as is the case for the humble mullet, one is nothing without the other. That is, content and compliance must work together to achieve greatness. And, when they do, something magical happens! 

A well-executed, multi-channel content strategy backed by compliant systems and processes gives community banks a competitive edge. Content–from customer highlights to lender interviews and from paid placements to social media storytelling–is how community banks humanize their brands. It’s how they shine a spotlight on the nonprofit partnerships behind their work, on the way they’ve showed up for commercial clients for decades, on the lenders who have been with them through thick and thin. In doing so, they’re able to differentiate with strategic product offerings backed by a personal, human touch that’s memorable.

Catch Our Session:

How Strategic Content Fuels Deposit Growth

March 14, 2024 at 12:30 p.m. 

The fastest, surest route to deposit growth is by tapping into your business development team’s most impactful and memorable customer experiences. Leveraging those stories and relationships to gain trust and earn more business has a compounding effect, creating more relationships and more stories that can be used to reach more customers across more channels. The fuel for this fire? Strategic content marketing. 

In this session, Social Assurance’s Ben Pankonin breaks down content strategy like you’ve never seen it, helping banks understand how to leverage storytelling to build trust and credibility, tap into relationships and referrals, generate positive public relations, and even retain top talent. He’ll discuss the importance of doing that in a fundamentally human (and also a compliant) way, including surfacing stories, creating effective content, and–perhaps most crucial–distributing it across teams and channels in a unified way.

See you in Orlando!

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Ben Pankonin
Co-Founder & CEO of Social Assurance