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Marketing in Crisis: Find Your Identity

By March 26, 20203 min read

We are all struggling to find words (or the right words) for this unexpected situation. I’ve done it. I’ve sat down to watch the news to know what is going on and then have to transition to writing content, do a call or coach a team member and I find myself struggling for words this week. As marketers, our world has been turned upside down and the things we are used to messaging about are gone. In short, the things that gave us identity are gone.

From new policies, procedures – even workplaces – we have had to adapt to a lot of rapid change. Even the way we communicate with customers and coworkers has had to change. But what we’ve learned the last couple of weeks is that our communities need us now more than ever.

What is the best way for us to reach out and connect to them? How can we find the right words to communicate our services while still being compassionate with others? How do we change our approach to messaging while communicating with others that we want to help? To help you maximize your communications on this front, here are a few ways you can do it:


Regardless of your core customer base, now is the time to focus on simplifying your message. Don’t talk about your buildings, your convenient locations, or a lot of the fluff you once added to your marketing. Find the critical ways that you are supporting your customers and share the value that you bring to them.

Pro Tip:

Communicate this value to customers at every touchpoint. From social media to other interactions, share your efforts and that you’re here to help. For a lot people, you may be one of their few, if only, interaction that day.


Seek input on the different ways you can help your community during this time. Do customers have questions about mortgage lending? Create a hotline where they can find answers directly. Are customers worried about the safety of their finances? Make your resources on financial assistance and security readily available on different platforms. Our community knows what they need help with; the only thing we have to do is listen.

Pro Tip:

Set up your customer support structure to streamline problems and solutions. If an employee finds a solution to a customer’s problem, provide them with the tools to help them communicate this throughout the organization.


If your purpose is helpful and selfless, customers will never tire of hearing of it. Your identity is how you help customers be successful. Sharing different stories through different mediums of how you can serve others will help your brand better connect with both present and future customers. Everyone is looking for messages of hope; you can be that light for your customers.

Pro Tip:

It has been so encouraging to see all the examples of leadership that so many of you have displayed during these uncertain times. We know that you are all trying to find different ways to support your communities. For more information on servant leadership, communication and innovation during a crisis, check out our blogs, webinars and more below.