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Marketing in Crisis: Assuring Your Community

By March 12, 20203 min read

We work with some of the most caring financial institutions in the country and they, in turn, have some of the most thoughtful, loyal and community-driven people working with them. They are all working hard on encouraging and supporting others during these trying times. But staying positive can be challenging – the temptation to give in to fearmongering is always present. But our communities need sources of inspiration now more than ever.

As financial institutions dealing with incredibly challenging times, how do we help our community and assure those who worry? How do we let others know that we are here to help and not be part of the panic?

Be Empathetic.

Empathy needs to come across in every interaction. Whether you’re engaging with others on the phone, in a press release or a social media post, never let an opportunity go to waste. Posture your brand in a caring and supportive way for those who need it most. When done correctly, you’ll leave an indelible impression in the minds of your customers.

Pro Tip:

Ask questions. By seeking answers from your community, you can better address critical areas of need and demonstrate your interest in helping others.

Think Ahead.

It’s easier to address critical needs when you have more time to prepare for them. As the quarantine takes up more time in our community, many will begin to feel economic pressure. Hourly employees may start to lose work, layoffs become common and families struggle to make ends meet. We all know the course these events take, so that’s why you need to be pro-active now in planning and addressing these needs before they become a serious problem.

Pro Tip:

Study other communities or examples that may be further ahead on the curve than yours. Learn what actions they took to help and how you can improve upon their efforts.

Stay Educated.

Both federal and state governments have created new programs to help communities endure the COVID-19 pandemic. From new lending practices for businesses to delayed tax deadlines for individuals, a lot of things are changing financially for your community. Ensure that your teams are educated on these updates and communicate what you learn to your customers. You could very well be delivering news that helps them meet their financial obligations. 

Pro Tip:

Identify team members to be subject experts on new products or policies. It will help ensure that your financial brand not only catches all of the latest information but also know it better than most.

Remember – you’re a shining light for many in your communities. Your actions and words are going further than you may realize. For more information on how you can support your community, be sure to check out our website.