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A Social Holiday Season

By November 20, 20122 min read

The holiday season has brought difficulty for marketers for generations as the US culture becomes more diverse.

How does your social media reflect your beliefs?
And should it?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are working with your social media presence during the holidays.

  • Give us a window. If you are sharing on your company page about the company party or the open house, this gives your customers a view that you are real. It doesn’t have to look like Charles Dickens inside to be effective, but this is your chance to share a little personality.
  • Don’t ignore it. The worst thing a brand can do is forget that the holidays are different than other times of the year. Keep in mind that your customers mindsets are on other things and to reach them, you must be there too. Whether deeply religious, family-oriented, or simply hoping for a few days off, your customers are thinking differently.
  • It’s your brand. Make sure that anything you are marketing, you believe in. If you decide to have a manger with Mary and Joseph in the front of your office, then be authentic and wish people a Merry Christmas. If you keep your marketing to “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings” in your print and office, then keep it there.
  • Everyday is a holiday. Be sure you know what holidays are approaching and relevant to conversation, but know it is nearly impossible to capture every holiday.

Remember when you are marketing during this season, take a look around and engage your customers. Learn what they are concerned about if you want to connect with them. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from Social Assurance.