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One Easy Trick to Increase Your Bank’s Facebook Followers

By August 4, 20222 min read

Engagement and followers. They’re the two key social media metrics that take your Facebook business page to the next level. Certainly you want to put out engaging content that keeps your audience interested (read: liking, commenting, reacting, and sharing), but increasing followers is the crucial next step. In addition to keeping your social audiences growing, adding followers has a compounding effect in that it means more of your content is organically exposed to an increasingly larger audience over time. So, what exactly should you be doing to increase your page followers?

Start with Great Content

It’s not surprising that great content yields engagement, and post engagement can very seamlessly translate into page followers. Struggling to decide what to post about? It’s a good idea to share about community events, partnerships with local businesses and nonprofits, and unique stories about customers. Highlighting employees can also be a good way to engage staff, clients, and community members. When you’re looking for a way to make a splash, consider holding a Facebook contest to encourage folks to engage in a fun and simple way. Giveaways are another option, and ideal when you have a prize or incentive to offer like event tickets to a game, concert, rodeo, or other major event. The great news is that engagement opens the door to invite someone to like your business page.

Take the Next Step

When someone who doesn’t already follow your business page engages with one of the posts on your business page, Facebook allows administrators to in turn invite them to like the page. This invite comes from the page itself. Facebook reminds the user that they recently engaged with your page when the invite is sent, making them more likely to accept it and become a follower.

How to Invite Followers from Post Engagement

  1. From a post on your business page, click the engagement stats to see a list of people who have engaged with the post. 
  2. Click Invite to invite each person to follow your page.

Pro Tips & Takeaways

While keeping a handle on folks who engage with your posts can be a bit tedious, the resulting increase in page followers (read: increase in audience size) makes it especially worthwhile. To stay on top of it, empower a couple members of your team with access to your Facebook page, so multiple people can be checking on engagements and inviting people to like the page periodically throughout the week. It’s a small effort that makes a big difference. 

Looking for ways to boost Facebook engagement? Social Assurance can help. Contact us to learn more about contests, giveaways, and other social campaigns.

Jess Doerr

Jess Doerr is the client services manager for Social Assurance where she develops and oversees client projects. If she's not at the office, she's probably on her boat, on her bike, or in her garden.