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Every piece of your story matters, and how you tell it is more important than ever. This year we’re gearing up for ABA the best we know how–with a nod to our midwestern roots (and, of course, a little ridiculousness). 

We’re hitting the dusty trail ahead of this year’s conference and we’ll do anything for the brand.

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Consumer Confidence: Crisis Communication and Monitoring Strategies

Viral commentary on social media can have a swift and sometimes unforgiving influence on consumer confidence and investor relations–making social media monitoring and risk management more important than ever. The reality is this: If your bank’s primary strategy for mitigating social media risk is to focus on monitoring what people are posting, you’re several steps behind. In this session from social media guru and tech founder Ben Pankonin, learn about social media risk management from three key angles: Internal messaging, processes and policies; direct customer communications; and external marketing and public relations.

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Ben Pankonin
CEO & Founder


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Financial Brand Business Development

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Client Services Manager

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