Learning from a public relations disaster

Public relations disasters are nothing new. However, thanks to social media, there are more avenues than ever to amplify any potential disaster. But with a proper crisis plan in place, speedy attention to the issue, any brand can manage these concerns, including those of you who work in the financial industry. Whenever a public relations disaster […]

5 reasons to add Instagram to your marketing toolkit

Instagram is my favorite social media channel. I’m a wannabe travel addict, so I fulfill my wanderlust longings vicariously through the gorgeous travel accounts I find on Instagram. From Australia to Amsterdam, I follow accounts showing me their beautiful corner of the world:    But travel photos are not the only reason I love Instagram. […]

Millennials in Banking

The banking landscape is always changing – adding millennials into the formula can create an unexpected result. Considering recent events, we thought these few take-aways about the millennial approach to life can help banks and credit unions go a long way in capturing the marketing spotlight.    

Building community through social media

Building Community Through Social Media

Communities are a natural by-product of human interactions. Social media has provided a new platform for these interactions to take place at an accelerated rate; however, the purpose of social media sometimes becomes misguided. With the variety and number of accounts covering social media, an “arms race” erupted with these accounts vying to attract the […]