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Gamification: Engaging Your Community Through Competition

You either play the game – or the game plays you.

In the constant fight to break through the noise, creating incentives for followers to engage with your content has never been more important. Make sure you’re controlling the game and not getting stuck in the crowd.



Set the game: Who do you want your audience to compete against — others or themselves?

Get employees involved: Consider timely events like a food bank drive. Gamify it by making a friendly competition between branches.



Increase demand by limiting perception of availability: Set a time or quantity limit. Prizes don’t always need to have dollar signs – consider other rewards like impact and inclusivity.


Rules of Play

Engage, don’t distract: Use gamification to enhance your brand, but don’t make it the only thing your brand is known for.

Measure performance: Track what you’re gamifying. For example, branch visits, checking account openings, social following, etc.