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Engaging Your Community at a Distance

You are rising to meet the needs in the communities you serve. You’ve helped with Economic Disaster Impact Loans (EIDL), Payment Protection Program Loans (PPP) and an abundance of options for residential lenders’ deferment programs and HELOCs. How do you help your community, your employees and your customers to understand the impact you are making? How will you create engaging messaging?

Answering these questions on an internal and external level during the current crisis is vital. With changes to CRA looming and likely a flood of new community development loans, this webinar gives you a chance to think strategically about your community development.

Hear tips on how to Engage Your Community at a Distance, including how to:

  • Encourage support from your brand
  • Help employees find opportunities to make a difference
  • Track and highlight your financial brand’s impact
  • Best practices and rules of play