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New Year, New Tactics: Three Instagram Content Reminders

Category: Instagram Published: December 31, 2019

With over a billion users (not a typo) per month, Instagram should be a part of your financial brand’s toolkit heading into the new decade. Not only is Instagram an effective way to reach customers and leads between the ages of 18-34, but it can also be used to showcase your products, community and more in a new way.

But copying what you’ve already been doing on Facebook isn’t the best approach for Instagram. Starting fresh with new strategies and designs on this channel will ensure you’re using this channel in the most effective way. Check out our tips for getting started with Instagram below.


Approach Content in a New Way

Take a look at what you’re posting to your other social media channels to assess if something similar would work for Instagram. For example, if you wanted to share a story about your brand’s upcoming event to help first-time home buyers secure their mortgage, you can create an event on Facebook and publish posts from previous events like this on Instagram. Combining different platforms to achieve the same goal helps you to see greater returns on your investment and better engage with your customers. Social channels can help you share the same story in a way that’s unique to each of them.

Pro Tip: Create a content calendar to help your team strategically plan for Instagram content. Focus on improving the quality of your photos to better engage your audience(s).

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Brand Your Photos

Because Instagram is a visual platform, it’s important that your brand is able to illustrate content in a new way that still engages users. It’s also important to understand how you’ll showcase your brand using this platform. What do you want your financial brand to be known for? What’s the one thing you want your customers to think of when you come to mind?

Post photos that are consistent with this branding. For example, if your financial brand is active in the community and your team volunteers often, capture and post photos to help to tell this story. Show the before and after of your efforts. If you’ve made a difference in someone’s life, post their photo and link to a story detailing your achievements. Instagram is the place to show your brand’s personality and gain engagement through this lens.

Pro Tip: Try to use a consistent color scheme in your posts. Have the primary color in each photo relate to your brand. It’ll make your brand look more visually appealing and professional.


Know When to Post

Timing is everything. In our experience, financial brands that perform the best on Instagram typically aim to publish content three to four times a week. These accounts also never repost the same content twice. Keep your posts as unique as your brand and remember to space them out appropriately. Test different post times to engage your audience(s) at different times of the day.

Pro Tip: If you’re hosting a conference or a big event that you want to share on Instagram, try using Instagram Stories. You can add more photos and better engage with your target audience.

Instagram is the key to reaching your younger audiences in 2020, but the quality and quantity of your posts needs to be different than what you share on other sites. Remember that Instagram is the place to visually showcase your brand’s personality and efforts in the community to your followers.

Do you have questions about content or are interested to learn more about how Social Assurance can help your financial brand get started on Instagram? Email us at or click the button below to reach out.

Let’s Chat About Your Instagram Content

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Zach Way

Raised around banking, Zach Way found his calling creating social content for financial institutions. Zach is an avid chino wearer who plays golf and religiously follows the NBA.

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