Platform Update: New Compose is Here

Social Assurance New Compose

We’re excited to announce that new compose is officially here! Our team has been working hard on these changes to increase efficiencies for your team while enhancing the overall look. Starting today, our clients will see updates in these areas:

New Look

Our refreshed design has been beta tested by our customers. Their feedback has been incorporated to ensure that the platform works best for our financial partners’ needs. All of the features you love still exist; we’ve enhanced the platform to help teams increase efficiencies.

Enhanced Preview

See exactly what posts will look like before they go live. This applies to every channel. Simply select the channels you want to publish on and compose will show you a preview of your post for each respective channel. From there, you can edit images, website title tags, etc. so your post can look just right.

Multi-Channel Schedule

Plan and edit content for all channels in one view. Users can now schedule for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram at the same time. Please note that users will be sent a push notification on their mobile device (if using our mobile app) to copy and paste content to Instagram.

Revisions History

View a history of how each post was edited by your team. This means you can go back to your original copy if you change your mind (or want to view changes made by others).

Easy Content Library Access

Simply toggle over to update prewritten content. Don’t forget that most Social Assurance software users receive a library of prewritten content as part of their contract. Our content libraries are updated with four to six new posts each week and are ready for your team to edit.

Updated Image Editor

New features are available to help you modify images for each channel. If you have not used our image editor before, this free tool helps you size images for each social media channel. You can also add “stickers” of your logo, Member FDIC, etc. and simply add those to your images.

We’ve updated our help section with articles that address all of these areas. As a reminder, you can view our help section on the left side of our platform. Click “Help” on the menu on the left side of your screen to view articles on specific topics.

If you have any questions about these updates, please reach out to our support team at For questions or feedback about the content library, please email

Lastly, for a demo of our platform, shoot us a note at

About The Author

A self-described AP Style advocate, Dani likes to spend her free time eliminating Oxford commas from sentences. As our senior content strategy manager, she manages the content team (also encouraging their elimination of the Oxford comma in sentences) and works directly with clients to understand the value of using our software, social and digital services.