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Fiserv Fall Forum, Credit Unions and News

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Published: September 16, 2013

This year’s Fiserv Forum could be summed up by the person of their keynote. Colin Powell’s statesman demeanor was often overshadowed by his surprisingly personable touch. At the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, the 1,500 in attendance were sure to experience more than a typical Vegas trip had to offer. Here is a little of what I will take home from Vegas.

Monday Fiserv clients began filling the solution center to evaluate new products and catch up with old friends.

Tuesday morning opened by the popular MCs Four Day Weekend and kicked off into Fiserv CEO, Jeff Yabuki’s visionary talk about the digital changes affecting credit unions. Yabuki’s comments led off sharing many of the unique things happening that allow for opportunity for credit unions to take advantage of personal, social and digital channels.

And he finished sharing a bit more poetic thoughts about how we as credit unions should consider approaching opportunities:

Colin Powell’s talk started off as personable as possible jumping off the front of the stage to hug a former servicewoman, now Darla serves as an executive in a Montana credit union.

Colin concluded by sharing many words about leadership.

Tuesday night Credit Union Twitter followers gathered for a one of a kind Tweetup, ending with some of the best pizza around.

Wednesday’s keynote, delivered by former CUNA president and CEO, former congressman Dan Mica shared thoughts on the political challenges congress and credit unions face.

The big moment many Fiserv Forum goers were waiting happened Wednesday night with orange X-tinis in hand ready for Huey Lewis who showed us that the Heart of Rock and Roll IS Still Beating.

What better way to open Thursday morning after a rock concert the night before with Marcus Buckingham, the energetic speaker/author focused on utilizing your strengths to their highest potential.

And with Mark Sievewright of Fiserv

But for so many credit unions, vendors and other members of the Fiserv family, this week was about connecting. We were glad to be a part of it and happy to have the friends we do.

Keep it social and stay connected. –

@socialassurance Thanks from our team and many others:

Thanks to all the Fiserv staff.


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