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Outcome-Based Topic Tree for Content Planning

By March 19, 20241 min read

Have you ever been tasked with a big-picture outcome–growing deposits, increasing account opens, reaching a younger demographic–without knowing exactly how you or your team might go about getting there? A topic tree can help.

This content planning exercise can help sales and marketing teams create content in different formats and for different channels around a bigger-picture goal in a unified way. Keep in mind that each of the topics clustered around a stated goal can become nearly any type of content: an informative blog, a storytelling piece, a social media post, a video, a case study, a customer interview, an employee interview, a webinar, a presentation, or something else. Clustering content around specific outcomes helps marketers tackle topics from multiple perspectives and angles, with different audiences and value propositions in mind. It also ties content together across your website and socials to ensure it is optimized for SEO and maximum reach.

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