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Creating Social Moments for Your Customers

Category: Attracting Customers
Published: May 13, 2014

After getting a presence on social media, the first question I hear from many financial institutions is, “how do we get our customers to just share this with others.”  I spoke with a banker recently who is connected to me on social and he says, “you share about things all the time you enjoy, what would make you share about your bank?”

“Give me a moment,” I responded.

No, I didn’t need time to think, nor was I hoping he would leave me alone, I wanted him to understand that there is significant importance in creating opportunities for customers to respond. I needed his bank to give me a moment. From our experiences, here are a few ways to create these moments.

Know what it looks like to have a social moment. One of the most challenging components of managing social is knowing how often and what to communicate to get more interaction. But many times it is the setup to that post that means a lot.

It usually does not start with Social. Typically it starts with a non-social experience. If you are creating an event at a branch location, consider what might make it an event you would want to tell your friends about.

Customer Sentiment is Not Static. Knowing when your customers love your service and when they might be considering leaving. Running a campaign to get positive Facebook or Google reviews hinges on these moments so you know how to capitalize on those specific moments when you know you will get a 5 star review. On the other side, customer retention hinges on your ability to recognize and address negative complaints.

Design Matters.  With the proliferation of photos today, it shows how important photos are to communicate with each other. People want a backdrop that matches their enthusiasm. Take care of the details, manage your image. It’s not just one sign or

Simplify.  The best brands are able to communicate their value proposition in under 140 characters within a tweet. Many brands have improved traditional marketing efforts by starting with social and mobile first. Consumers have been groomed to believe that decisions can be made with a sentence of text and are often overwhelmed by the trifold brochure in your lobby.

Be Unique. When you are looking for a share. Do something unexpected. People will share it. When you create a brand that they enjoy, people will share it. People will thank you for these moments when you help change their family. Everyone loves accomplishments. If you reward achievements, you will often find that people are proud to share those moments.

Drop us a comment and let us know what led to a social moment for your financial institution. Let’s start creating more meaningful ways for customers to love their experiences.

-Give me a moment-

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