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Sales and Marketing Divide

By December 4, 20111 min read

One of the biggest tragedies I continue to see in businesses is the divide between sales and marketing. Almost every company I have worked in or consulted with struggles with this tension. Not only does it create frustrations and typically turf wars, it simply reduces the chances of being effective.

Social media by nature has begun to pull organizations together in this area. Many marketing departments are plotting in their cubicles with the understanding that the sales department may hold the keys to better engagement. That’s right salespeople, there is a plot to use you for your contacts, connections and even your marketing potential. What’s more, many social media strategies have flopped because they didn’t engage the people who have relationships.

The fundamentals are simple and the technology is now more closely linked to relationships so if your marketing department is looking to build a better social strategy connect with the people who have the relationships and you will be better off.