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More Links in Bio Thanks to Latest Instagram Update

By May 24, 20234 min read

Sometimes one link just isn’t enough–and Instagram agrees. The social media platform has officially rolled out a new update that allows users to add up to five clickable links to the bio section of their profile. These links remain stagnant within the bio until they’re updated, allowing users to provide quick (and now ongoing) access to links pertinent to their content, brand, or a specific post. For community banks and credit unions, the new update underscores the importance of having an active and engaging presence on social media channels in conjunction with your website to cross-promote happenings and tell meaningful stories. In fact, social media is a great place to introduce or promote an idea, event, or other item, but you may need more space to include detailed information or functionality like a loan application, account open, donation request, or registration for an event. In short, more links means more opportunities to engage customers, partners, and community members–and you’re going to want to make the most of them. Here are 10 ideas for doing exactly that.

1. Announcements & Press Releases

When there’s news to share, banks and credit unions can use one of their five links to direct followers to landing pages for pertinent updates, news articles, announcements, and press releases. This helps keep customers and community members informed about current happenings.

2. Drives & Fundraisers 

Banks and credit unions can use Instagram to promote fundraising initiatives and provide a link for followers to donate directly. This might include bank or credit union-sponsored events, coat drives, food drives, phone-a-thons, golf tournaments, socials, ribbon cuttings, and more. 

3. Referral Programs

Running an incentive or promotion for new account opens? Use a link in your bio to drive traffic to your promo and help spread the word. When your post directs your audience to a page where they can take action, they’re more likely to do so. 

4. Employee Spotlights

Banks and credit unions can use their Instagram bio to highlight individuals and their achievements. This can include profiles, interviews, and other content that showcases what makes your staff unique. Consider short, attention-grabbing pieces for social media, then link your audience back to your website to get the whole story on the employee in the spotlight. 

5. Customer Highlights

When current and future customers see their own challenges and experiences in your content, they’re better able to relate and more likely to trust your bank or credit union. Storytelling around the unique experiences of your customers is incredibly important, and linking from your Instagram bio to longer-form pieces on your website is a great way to do it. 

6. Partner Features

If you’re a long-standing partner of a community organization, nonprofit, or other group, Instagram is a great way to grow and highlight those connections. Cross-promote your partners’ initiatives and direct folks to pages on your website that highlight your partnership. 

7. Financial Literacy Resources

Financial literacy resources–including information about different types of loan options, investments, and retirement savings–can be tough to distribute in meaningful ways. Linking them from your Instagram bio keeps them accessible whenever they’re needed. 

8. Media Coverage & Public Relations

Positive media coverage and public relations are crucial for the short- and long-term success of your bank or credit union. So when a customer, partner, staff member, or bank leader makes the news–you’re going to want to spread the word. Link out from your bio for easy access. 

9. Loan Inquiry Forms

Make it easy for customers to act on special rates, incentives, and offers from your bank or credit union by directing them right to the next step: an official inquiry. This allows you to collect contact information and convert those browsing your pages to customers in a more streamlined fashion.

10. Blog Updates 

To ensure your website is optimized and capturing traffic from Google, it’s especially important to be putting out relevant content through your website; your blog is a great way to do it. Keep a link to it on your Instagram so it stays top of mind for customers. 

Upgrade your Social Media Presence 

Of course, links are just the beginning. The best way to advance your bank or credit union’s social media presence is to capture and share content that your customers trust and relate to. Social Assurance helps banks and credit unions all over the U.S. do exactly that with a unique marketing management platform that allows teams large and small to draft, schedule, moderate, submit to compliance, and archive marketing content across channels. What’s more, the platform makes it easy to publish directly to social media (Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn). At the same time, the platform makes it easy to monitor mentions and complaints to keep a handle on social media risk. Plus it’s all backed by an expert client services team that’s here to help with everything from content services to digital ads management. 

Adding and editing links in an Instagram bio is especially easy. Simply tap the text box for a link you’d like to update, edit, and then save.

Interested in learning more about how you can put Social Assurance to work for your community bank, financial brand, or credit union?

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