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Marketing by Testing

By August 28, 20142 min read

Many financial marketers head to conferences to learn the changing needs of financial services and how to appeal to a larger customer-base. One of the things I will be sharing at the ABA conference in Orlando is how to test with your customers.

Digital marketing allows us to implement testing in a way that was simply too expensive in other means. But having peers and industry experts keeps you on track.

A/B Testing 

Determining what tests could work on your market and isolating to 2 variables is often the hardest part. If you are testing a specific product message, perhaps you isolate on the imagery or you tweak your Facebook ads to target an age, geography or interest. We can learn often where to start from our peers, vendors and industry experts.

Don’t be biased.

Easier said than done. But too often we begin a test and then assume

Early in my career, I remember going to my sales manager after a failed opportunity with a new account. He asked me why I had failed, I of course replied with price. His response, “did the customer tell you that was the reason.” “Well, no”, I replied, of course it was my assumption and as I begin learning and listening to peers I found many reasons and often a correlation when I won and lost.

Repeating your test.

Sure, it sounds simple to keep doing that thing that is working, but without peers to keep you on track, often you won’t do it. Why? We either get too impatient or we forget  which things were working. Trust it.

I hope to see you in Orlando.