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LinkedIn for Financial Professionals

By February 26, 20132 min read

Many social platforms have made their value based on the amount of time users are logged in to their systems. Platforms like Pinterest claim nearly 16 minutes of time on their site per login. But what about LinkedIn where the average user spends less than a minute per day?

The value of LinkedIn is determined by the depth and connection of your relationships. Let’s take a look at how you might use LinkedIn to prospect and ultimately sell financial products.

Two types of posting: Individual vs Company LinkedIn

As a bank or brokerage, your company page includes links to employee profiles, and you may create overviews of your products, services and careers. You may also push updates or news articles to LinkedIn through your company page, but even well-run company pages typically do not have massive amounts of interaction. Most good brands use company pages to allow people researching their brand to find better information and link to other profiles.


LinkedIn in is great for identifying potential new hires, as well as activity within the small business community.

Use Groups

If your market is local, there is a group for that, if it is national and industry-focused, there is a group for that as well. Watch and be helpful. LinkedIn is designed to be managed without spending hours a day, set your email notifications and pay attention.

Stay Connected

Chances are good that the decision-makers and other highly talented people in your organization will change jobs in the future. LinkedIn is one of the best opportunities to insure you stay connected to them.

Who is watching you?

Sometimes this is overlooked. You can take notice of who is checking up on you and use it as an opportunity for connecting. It’s fine to connect just by seeing they are checking your profile.

Personal Search Engine Optimization

If you are managing client relationships, you will frequently walk into a new meeting where the prepared decision-makers have googled your name. LinkedIn ranks very high in search terms and will help you stand out in a positive light if you have a well put-together résumé on your LinkedIn profile.

Finally, keep in mind that the people who spend the most time on LinkedIn are often professionals looking to increase business connections.  Leverage your network to make sure you are connected to the professionals who help influence your brand.