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“Life” at Fiserv Spring Forum

By April 28, 20152 min read

With 4,000 in attendance at this year’s Fiserv Forum, “Life” seemed to be an appropriate theme. The theme was captured best through social media with the thoughts of my fellow attendees.

From the opening sequence to the closing breakout sessions, bankers were energized to share how technology changes life and banking.

Former FBI Director, Robert Mueller III shared many of the ways that Life changed from his vantage point, as he took over his role a week before 9.11.

Many Bankers learned that they were in like-minded company at #FiservForum.

One of my personal highlights was hearing the tremendous leadership example Condoleezza Rice shared. (Of course I also loved hearing her talk about football and golf.)

Fiserv’s CEO, Jeff Yabuki, shared a number of anecdotes describing technology and the rapid evolution of products and technology. His thought-provoking questions challenged, intrigued, and perhaps haunted a number of people in attendance:

Wednesday wrapped up with an Earth, Wind and Fire concert that left any age of banker excited.

I had a great conversation in my breakout about what drives relationships in a digital age and how mobile plays a huge role. Thank you so much for the conversation, the platform and the fantastic event.