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New App Update: Latest Social Assurance Update Streamlines Posting to Multiple Platforms & Saves Users Tons of Time

By March 8, 20234 min read

When it comes to helping community banks, credit unions, and financial brands collect, curate, and share marketing content across channels–Social Assurance has your back. The latest Social Assurance update is to our core software offering, a robust Marketing Platform that helps marketing and compliance teams collaborate and execute seamlessly.

Today, we rolled out a significant update to the area of the platform where communications, ads, and social media posts are drafted, scheduled, and saved for publishing–a module we commonly refer to as “Compose.” The new Compose makes huge strides in saving sales, marketing, and compliance teams (as well as those in oversight roles) tons of time and effort. Here’s what you need to know about what’s new.

Seamlessly Post Across Multiple Social Channels

In addition to a sleek new interface (with more room to work, nested preview options, a searchable emoji library, and other sharp updates), the new Compose makes it so much faster and easier to post content to multiple social channels.

1. Copy Content to Quickly & Easily Create Multiple Posts

It can be time-consuming to get posts out for multiple channels–considering that each has its own requirements for post length, tagging, image formats, linking, and other details. The new Copy button makes it super easy. Simply start drafting content for a post, choose the channel(s), then click Copy to duplicate content into post(s) for another channel. This allows you to draft content once, then tweak  based on the needs of each specific social platform (no cumbersome copying and pasting required). 

2. Automatic Image Fixing

Speaking of specific requirements by channel, no need to worry about cumbersome image size edits. The new Compose makes it easy to tailor images to the chosen social media channel. So, if you’re posting to Instagram with an image formatted for Facebook, the new Compose automatically flags images that aren’t properly sized for the platform with a quick and easy way to resize on the fly.  


3. Bulk Upload up to 100 Images

When you’re doing a photo drop–say from a major community event–reap tons of time-savings with the ability to bulk upload all your images into one post, then seamlessly reorder them. The new Compose automatically grabs the max number of images allowed on the channel (ten images for Instagram, for example) from your original post when you duplicate it, then lets you drag and drop the images to reorder them. 


4. Streamline Feedback, Notes & Workflows

Improvements to the Activity area for content and posts, plus a sleek new section exclusively for Notes makes workflows that much easier–especially when teams are going back and forth on a specific communication, ad, or post.


What Beta Users Are Saying

We’ve allowed clients to opt into the beta version of the new Compose and provide their feedback over the last couple months. Here’s what we’ve heard so far.

The new compose feature in Social Assurance is a game changer. Creating posts is easier than ever before, and having the functionality to copy previously published posts is the cherry on top. No more copying/pasting content and searching for images–duplicate right from the calendar view into your queue quickly and easily.” 

–Autumn Jose at Civista Bank 

I appreciate that I can handle things all in the same place without having to create something separately and import. It’s much faster and easier to get something live.”

–Jodi Ward at Mountain West Bank 

It is good to see issues with image size prior to posting, and having a better preview window with all the notes from the various roles makes posting more efficient and intuitive. I could see this being a time-saver for our content creators and compliance reviewers.” 

–Liz Olson at Glacier Bancorp

About the Marketing Platform

The Marketing Platform from Social Assurance makes it easy to collect, curate, and share marketing content across channels. Integrated compliance workflows, automatic archival, and audit-ready reporting save time and streamline recordkeeping. Meanwhile, integrations with major social media channels allow financial institutions to better manage the online presence of their banks, sales agents, and lending teams. 

For thousands of banks nationwide, this software has become integrated into their processes as a crucial bridge between sales, marketing, and compliance. “Social Assurance has helped make our marketing operations much more streamlined,” says Leslie Vermillion from United Prairie Bank. “The ability to use the platform for approval and archiving for regulators has made our processes easier so we can save time for more important tasks. It’s truly an essential part of providing successful operations of our marketing team.”

The latest update is part of a series of new feature rollouts coming in 2023, says Social Assurance’s Product Manager Anthony Estrada. “Our users have unique needs,” he explains, “And our team is committed to meeting those needs and ensuring the best experience for users.”

Give us your Feedback! 

At Social Assurance, product development is driven by our users. That means we rely on feedback from users like you to drive new features, fixes, and updates in the short- and long-term. If you have something to share, we want to hear it! And if you’re an existing Social Assurance user, head over to the app store for the latest update. 

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