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How Financial Brands Should Use LinkedIn Business Page Tools

By June 3, 20213 min read

If you haven’t already added LinkedIn as part of your social media strategy mix, your financial brand is missing out on a valuable platform to connect with customers and prospects. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with industry leaders and virtually network – in essence, to create an online community that will provide results for your organization.  It’s no secret that LinkedIn has grown as a competitor in the social platform market recently – in Q2, LinkedIn sessions increased by 30% amongst its 740 million members – making it a worthwhile option for community financial institutions to pursue.

LinkedIn continues to grow as a social platform, and its offerings are expanding. It recently introduced new tools for companies to use on its platform to increase social selling, employee engagement, and audience conversation. Here are a few helpful ways that financial brands can begin leveraging this platform.

Recommend and Content Suggestions

Employees can be your biggest advocates for your brand. It’s hard to find ways to have them effectively sound off on trending topics relevant to your company, or even keep them informed of new company initiatives. LinkedIn’s new Recommend and Content Suggestion tools can help turn your employees into active social sharing advocates! Recommend and Content Suggestions are two ways to equip your employees with content from your page or relevant industry pages to share on their platforms. Housed under the “Content” tab on your business’ profile, you can easily find content or create new content for your employees to easily share about on their personal profiles.

Pro Tip

Utilize the “Notify Employees” button on trending posts so that they can share engaging content!

Capitalize on Lead Generation Forms

Do you have products listed on your LinkedIn product page? LinkedIn has recently introduced the addition of including a Lead Gen Form to each of your product offerings. For each product, you can set your call to action to have leads fill out a form. The form will auto-populate with the lead’s LinkedIn profile information; making it easy for them to show interest and your brand to collect valuable information. You can also easily download these leads in a CSV file to export this information and input it into your email lists easily.

Pro Tip

Lead Gen Forms might not be the best option for every product! Be strategic on which products you implement it on.

Post LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn launched the ability for every business page to use LinkedIn Stories. This feature is limited to only LinkedIn Pages and members who have at least 5,000 connections or followers and the “Follow” button as the page’s primary action on their profile (instead of “Connect”).

Pro Tip

Don’t have 5,000 connections? Instead focus on the value of your current audience and strategize on how to build brand trust using LinkedIn!

LinkedIn continues to grow as a social platform for B2B and B2C brands. It is expanding offerings for business pages and they continue to see growth in engagement on the platform. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of these new tools, but focus on what aligns with your business’s goals and test what works for you!

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